Ćevabdžinica Nune

Ready for the best barbecue in the city?

Special combo

For indecisive gourmets, we have prepared perfect grill combinations

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Restaurant speciality

Ćevabdžinica Nune za sve ljubitelje jela sa roštilja posebno izdvaja svoj specijalitet – najukusnije sudžukice

starting from 6KM

Deluxe barbecue

In the offer, you can also find veal steak, small or large, and a delicious steak salad for all those who enjoy food

starting from 11KM

Unmatched burgers

As a speciality of the latest generations, our burgers are made from the finest meat and have a perfect taste

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Grill master recommendations

We highlight best-selling dishes from our menu, house specialties that always surprise with their rich taste

Ćevabdžinica "Nune" except for the most famous 56-year-old recipe for our traditional and most famous dish, ćevapi (kebab) is also renowned because it is also made to satisfy the palates of those who have celiac disease.

So we are proud and happy to serve gluten-free ćevapi (kebabs), sausages, and burgers. Our guests often come to us for sausages, which the Sarajevo Food Dictionary also rates as the best in recent years. Our daily suggestion to guests.

Apart from these two recommendations, young people in particular often opt for the stuffed burger, which is a modern variant of our old recipe. So we fill the burger with three types of cheese and add homemade cream to it. For those real gourmands who prefer it spicy, chili is added, or if you don't like it, we are sure you will enjoy the bites.

Sausage portion


Stuffed burger


You order, we deliver

Ćevabdžinica Nune offers free delivery in Sarajevo within a radius from Stari Grad all the way to Otoka

Gluten-free menu on your request

With prior notice, we offer the possibility of a gluten-free menu for all those who need it

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